NiftBox is a new way of fan engagement
buy, collect or sell Nifts
Nifts are useful NFTs purchasable exclusively on
collectible virtual cards
VIP memberships, exclusive meetings and other perks
signed merchandise and other physical goods
uniquely encrypted QR code for merchandise
forget the monthly subscriptions
support your favorite Star
track down hot picks
collect and bag all Nifts in a collection
acquire exclusive fan relics only available here
utilize our resale features to sell your Nifts fast
you won't be spammed by lowball offers
reach new heights by reinvesting or withdraw your capital
NiftBox utilizes reliable crypto networks
we don't use any NiftBox specific tokens
we say no to any conflict of interest

What is NiftBox?

Buy, collect or sell Nifts, issued by verified_user certified Stars on our marketplace platform.

Our Nifts are useful NFTs, digitally signed goods or services.

The NFTs are


certificates on a blockchain,
collectible in a virtual card format for

  • hotel_class VIP memberships
  • local_activity exclusive meetings
  • shop and other perks

and added to that there might be


physical certificates by utilizing
a uniquely encrypted QR code / RFID technology for

  • loyalty signed merchandise
  • shopping_bag and other physical goods

Our team have decades of experience in unique software development,
including the development and support of a full-scale eyecare application for the NHS.

for fans
and collectors

for stars

for investors

Forget monthly subscriptions - what you buy is all yours until you decide to part with them.

Collect and bag all Nifts in a collection - will you succeed?

When the time comes, utilize our offer feature to sell your Nifts fast and reach new heights by reinvesting or withdrawing your capital - choose your own strategy.

Acquire exclusive fan relics and mementos only available here - all come with a handy, easily traceable certificate of authenticity, certified by the issuer Star.

Support your favorite Stars and receive the hottest exclusive perks or goods in exchange.

It's time for you to be one of the top fans and take part in a private meeting with your favorite Stars.

NiftBox is your new way of fan engagement - interact with your passionate fanbase using future tech.

Create new, exclusive perks or sell your existing ones - it's totally up to you.

Your creativity could be the sole limit of your success - we provide all the tools you need.

Jump into the world of endless possibilities and get ahead of your competition by creating exclusive and trendy value on Web3, for ETHernity.

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Build an extra source of income for yourself with much less effort than before.

Earn money from every single resale of your collection's pieces along with your first sale's revenues.

Share your revenue or keep the entire annuity for good.

Wanna be a Star on NiftBox? Send your application today!

Get ahead of your competition by tracking down hot picks or by supporting a new Star or an underestimated Nift collection.

Buy low and sell high - the never-changing investment philosophy is of course also true in the case of Nifts.

Our offer over feature guarantees that you won't be spammed with lowball offers. When the opportunity arises, however, you can still sell your Nifts for a much higher price than your original investment was. Just remember: "There's always a bigger fish."

When the time is right, utilize our resale features to quickly sell your Nifts and reach new heights by reinvesting or withdraw your capital - choose your own strategy.

NiftBox utilizes reliable crypto networks, such as Polygon on the Ethereum blockchain, which is one of the most trusted decentralized collection of nodes for certifying digital goods and services in the world.

We don't (and never will) use any NiftBox specific tokens, in order to exclude any conflicts of interest.

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